Dobong District Council. A Council that Sees, Feel and Works Together With the Citizens
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  • Introduction
  • Structure & Organization
  • Steering
The local council with the positions as representation, resolution, legislation and audit shall hold regular and irregular meeting.


  • Regular meeting is held in 1st and 2nd session within 40 days a year while irregular meeting should be convoked within 15 days at the request of the governor or one third and more members of the registered members, not longer than 15 days.
    (the first irregular meeting after the election shall be convoked by the governor within 25 days after the date of opening)
  • The number of days including regular and irregular meeting may not be longer than 120 days a year.
  • The operation is divided into activities of general meeting, standing committee and special committee.

Rules of meeting

  • Opening : open in the attendance of one third and more members
  • Resolution : by a majority attendance of the registered members and a majority consent of attending members
  • Open to the public : the meeting shall be open to the public(however, it is exceptional if two third of attending members or the chairperson recognizes for the social security or keeping order).
  • Session continuance : an agendum submitted to the council may not be abolished for the reason of not be resolved during a session(however, it is exceptional if the term of member is expired)
  • Not deliberating the same measure twice during the same session of the council.

General meeting

The general meeting is to finalize the agenda that have passed the preliminary review at standing and special committee and consists of every member.

  • When a member wishes to speak, the member needs a permission of the chairperson and may speak in ways of question, additionally question, proceedings,
  • 5 minutes speech should be submitted for the overview before opening the general assembly.
  • The chairperson shall have a voting right in voting agenda and it is regarded rejected in case of a tie.
  • The council shall prepare a minutes, describe the contents, results and name of attending members and the minutes should be published and notified to members and the governor.
  • Dobong-gu council currently computerizes the minute and publishes on the homepage as well as CD publication.