Dobong District Council. A Council that Sees, Feel and Works Together With the Citizens
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Standing Committee

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Standig Committee

It consists of a small number of lawmakers with expertise.


Committee consists of a small number of members with expertise and is an organization structured and operated to process agenda by special fields because local administration is special and complicated.

  • Committee shall be held if its chairperson recognizes necessary or at the request of one third of the registered members.
  • Dobong-gu council organizes and operates standing committee and special committee.
  • Depending on jurisdiction, 3 standing committees including steering, administrative and Planning and welfare and construction have been installed and each committee reviews and processes agenda, legislature drafts and petitions.
  • Each standing committee elects one chairperson and one vice chairperson among the members by mutual election.
  • Special committee may be temporarily organized and operated upon the resolution of general meeting if relating to several standing or necessary for investigation of a special agenda.
  • Steering Committee
    • Steering committee consists of 6 members and deals with steering, bureau and other matters.
  • Adiministrative and Planning Committee
    • The Administrative Planning Committee consists of seven members and handles various issues such as the review of ordinances related to the jurisdiction of the audit officer, promotion officer, Administrative Safety Department, Planning and Finance Department, Future Environment Department, Facility Management Corporation, and Dobong Cultural Heritage Foundation.
  • Welfare and Construction Committee
    • The Welfare Construction Committee consists of six members and handles various issues such as the review of ordinances related to the jurisdiction of the Welfare and Family Department, Urban Management Department, Transportation and Construction Department, and Health Center, as well as administrative affairs audits.